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Customer Sectors

Discrete and process manufacturing

     Manufacturing can work in two ways. For technical reasons related to production itself, each applies to different market sectors. Discrete manufacturing is generally used in the goods and appliances, metalworking, and electronics sectors, while process manufacturing operates in food, beverages, cosmetics, cleaning products, and chemicals.

Scalable solutions for your agribusiness

     Our business management solutions for the agricultural industry seamlessly integrate all processes: from planting to harvest, packaging and marketing, as well as sales management, while providing visibility, traceability and compliance with quality controls such as HACCP, ISO, etc. Recognizing the breadth of agricultural barriers in this sector, ERP X3 efficiently meets the diverse needs in the supply chain, retail operations, farm management, imports and exports, contracts and financial services, trade and human resources.

Speed ​​up the supply chain and reduce costs

     Growing and running a business can be difficult, especially for distribution companies that need to balance inventory, forecasting, and logistics processes with sales, customer service, and everything in between. Fortunately, X3 is a powerful and complete solution, prepared to manage retail distribution, wholesale, transportation and logistics companies. Solve and prevent supply chain issues with our smart and intuitive solutions.

Efficient construction management

     Our construction functions integrate estimating, scheduling, costing, project management, wages and services into daily accounting practices, which will help manage the business and improve profitability. X3 offers advanced functions for medium and large construction companies that need solutions to face the most diverse business complexities. X3 is designed to provide detailed visibility into all stages of the project, to make decisions based on data provided by a real-time report. With X3 take your company to the next level. Our construction-oriented solution offers greater control over all projects.

Ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty

     Time is precious in a highly competitive service sector. You need to focus your attention on satisfying the customer, delivering projects, and managing resources. Upgrade to X3 and you’ll have great people and equipment management, payroll, financial and business administration solutions designed especially for businesses like yours. So you can focus on what you do best and provide an outstanding experience for your customers.