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Supply Chain

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Supply chain management

     Track demand and ensure optimal efficiency by monitoring stock status in real time.  Sage X3 allows you to offer exceptional service that will meet the needs of your customers.

     Full integration of sales, purchasing, inventory, finance, and production enables a complete understanding of customer activities in a single business management solution.


     Sage X3 will enable you to seamlessly manage end-to-end purchasing processes, starting with RFQ management, response entry and tracking, as well as price list database integration.

Main resources include:

  • Management of suppliers and product categories.
  • Prices and discounts.
  • Purchasing, requests and order planning.
  • Purchase orders, delivery and programming.
  • Request for Proposals (RFPs).
  • Open orders and budget accounting.
  • Management of multilevel subscriptions.
  • Entry and return of supplier invoices.

Inventory management

Sage X3 will enable you to meet demand and ensure optimal efficiency by monitoring inventory status in real time.

Main resources include:

  • Product information and multiple units of measure.
  • Location management.
  • Inventory balances.
  • Quality control and sampling.
  • Replacement, transfer between locations.
  • Release of orders. o Inventory movements.
  • Import tracking.

Sales management

     Sage X3 offers efficiency and flexibility in sales processes, facilitating access to products, prices, discounts, logistics operators, with all the documentation traceability that will provide a better customer experience.

Main resources include:

  • Product configurator.
  • options and variants.
  • Prices and discounts.
  • Sales commissions.
  • Budgets, contracts and open orders.
  • Multi-level credit.
  • Preparation of orders, deliveries, packaging and shipping.
  • Customer returns.
  • Billing and alerts.
  • Inventory inquiries and allocations.

Customer service

Sage X3 allows you to offer exceptional service that will meet the needs of your customers.

The full integration of all departments and business processes allows a complete understanding of the client’s activities in a single business management solution.

Main resources include:

  • Contact management.
  • Sales force automation.
  • Telephone customer service.
  • Management of warranty / service request.
  • Base of solutions.
  • Marketing campaigns.



Sage X3 increases the efficiency and collaboration between your work teams, integrating the documentation of the work processes in a single reference library.

The main resources include:

  • Document management and review as part of the business work process.
  • Share according to user, functions and project teams, by managing tags.
  • Save documents with just drag and drop to Sage X3 and online storage.
  • Insert charts and data directly from Office 365 and sync data.
  • Export to Excel and synchronize data.
  • Connect with Microsoft Outlook to synchronize contacts, calendar and tasks.

Work area



     Sage X3 increases the usability, productivity and adoptability of your business management solution and provides highly personalized access to relevant data across all departments and roles.

The main resources include:

  • A personalized home page that provides the user with a summary of critical data and a guide to perform common tasks, with visual maps of the process.
  • Customization by the user or administrator, based on the security rules in force for the role and the user.
  • Access to relevant data, inclusion of dynamic internal data, statistics in graphs or tables, calendars, menu bookmarks, direct access to external URLs, notes and documents.