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Discrete Production

▫ In general, it is the manufacture of products that can be counted visually, that is, by unit.
▫ It is carried out in several stages and requires different operations during production.
▫ In general, a specific amount of final products is defined and the inputs are measured based on that planning, taking into account the possible residuals related to adjustments and efficiency.
▫ As it is carried out in different stages, which require planning and rescheduling of sequences and operations, it is necessary for the system to have the capacity to schedule and reschedule machinery, operators and work centers in an agile and simple way.

Process production

▫ In general, it is the manufacture of products that cannot be counted visually, that is, products in bulk, by volume or weight, that need packaging or bundling.
▫ Usually not as many production steps are required.
▫ The number of products that are manufactured is defined thinking in terms of performance to obtain the number of items needed. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the formulation recipe and the quantities necessary to achieve the planned result.
▫ Since the production steps are smaller, the management system deals with simpler changes related to process variation, such as income, consumption or quality.

The differences of Sage X3

Regardless of the method you use, be it discrete or process production, one of the main secrets of successful manufacturing is to manage production based on inventory variances, quality control, performance reports and other indicators, simply and easily. effective. It is important that the management tools can access the web from any mobile device. Another characteristic is that it can be managed by project, where cost control is carried out at each stage.
While some crowded, “square” ERP systems don't focus on process management, Sage X3 has one thing that sets it apart. Through advanced management technology, the entire process can be parameterized, from the implementation of the process to the intuitive use of the personnel responsible for monitoring the process. All this can be customized in reports, workflows, control panels and business intelligence, according to the focus of each business.

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