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Industrial production

Provide high-quality products.


Enter the market quickly and efficiently, managing all production processes in a single system.

Materials management

Sage X3 provides robust, single, multi-level BOM management, ensuring the highest levels of product integration, quality, and collaboration

The main resources include:

Multiple bills of materials (commercial, production, subcontracting, etc.).

Current bills of materials.

Current bills of materials.

Mass maintenance.

Real and elapsed time.

Varied tasks (synchronized and not synchronized).

Automatic pauses

Production control

Sage X3 enables you to prioritize, track, and manage all aspects of production; including the production area, which will improve planning, programming and costs.

The main resources include:

Collection of work time.

Direct labor (preparation and execution).

Indirect labor (breaks and indirect time).

Real and elapsed time.

A variety of tasks (synchronized and unsynchronized).

Automatic pauses.

Schedules and attendance (entrance and exit).

Indirect time input (input and output).

Input of paused time (in and out).

Introduction to the team.

Production area supervision workspace



Sage X3 provides the tools and workflow features necessary to maintain and retain the highest quality standards, including active monitoring throughout full product traceability.

The main resources include:

Serial number management.

Management of due dates.

Inventory status management: accepted, rejected, inspected.

Management of reinspection date.

Inventory sub-status management.

Creation of the quality control record.

Quality control procedures with request for analysis.

Traceability management.